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    About Complete Constructions Supplies

    Complete Construction Supplies was established to service the construction and building industries with a range of goods to all businesses across the industrial sector whether that be commercial or private.

    The team established Complete Construction Supplies in May 2006.

    The team at Complete Construction Supplies has over 40 years experience working within the building and construction industry managing and servicing major accounts.

    The team at Complete Construction Supplies has an extensive knowledge of all industry sectors with a thorough understanding of industry requirements.


    and values


    We gain the confidence, respect and trust of others through honesty, integrity and authenticity.Commitment РWe pride ourselves on building partnerships and working collaboratively with each other to meet shared objectives and the company’s vision and mission.


    We value and respect one another. We approach our interactions with honesty and thoughtfulness. We are valued for what we contribute and not for our position or level of education.


    Integrity will not be compromised for client requirements or our team of dedicated and career-minded employees.


    We are passionate about our work, passionate about what we achieve and passionate about our clients. We are passionate about an enjoyable and challenging work environment.

    Work ethic

    We attract and retain quality competent employees who excel in their trade and their career, and demand excellence from themselves and their co-workers. We provide opportunities and give encouragement to develop and enhance their professional skills and technical experience.

    Safe environment

    We implement, establish and continuously improving health, safety and environmental (HSE) programs that exceed industry standards to prevent harm to people, property, processes and to the environment through management systems that are effective, efficient and require excellence. CCS promote and expect a proactive approach and solutions to health, safety and environment concerns at all levels.